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After giving it some thought I've taken the incentive to create a more eclectic flavor of arts podcast focusing on welsh art. The wales arts review podcast is great and this one will probably live in its shadow but several people have already expressed an interest in a close-knit series of conversations with other welsh artists, often people I know fairly well.

In any case I began by interviewing welsh assemblist artist mark mawer. We talk about some basic artistic interests and prospects in a laid-back fashion. my voice is pretty naff but luckily i don't talk much and let mawer talk. We discuss the previous shows that mark has done, "Flight Paths" (c. 2019) and "possible narratives" (c. something) and an upcoming work he is developing with maria stadnicka and another integral person I can't remember the name of. We also discuss the fluxus movement and abstract film at length. Thank you very much mark for agreeing to this out of the blue interview!

Mark also gave me a limited edition print of this poem, which evoked George Szirtes' tributes to Anselm Kiefer

Music used: Toupie Dans Le Ciel by Francois Bayle, Umwalzung by Henning Christiansen.
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