This yawnfest is a repository + transient signpost towards various projects by Finlay Patrick Duffill.

I. technology, creative coding and ramblings about literature and art are a staple of my day-to-day life. I could probably change the nature of my engagements if I tried hard enough, but by now I see some benefit to it. By recording what I create in a blog format, the current method of collation for my projects is streamlined both for me and hypothetically for other people who somehow find the time, patience and the ability to tolerate the redundance of my opinions on a subject.

What can you expect from this blog? I like talking about deprecated technology and the era of slightly spiced-up termcap console applications, the alumni of Nokia Bell Labs, roguelikes, books by early 20th century satirists and surrealists, and interviews. I'm a profligate nerd, basically. This website will probably consist of all of these things and alter course for new things over time rather than fluctuate between them, meaning it will probably be a fickle blog with no clear entry point for outliers. However, if a space isn't carved out for my blogging then any potential it might have had is gone.

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